5 Best FREE Software for PC

Today, I'm going to share the top five best free software that I use on a daily basis, and I think you'll like them as well.
This brings us to the very first piece of free software, audacity. You can download it from audacityteam.org. So, what exactly is audacity, and why would you want it? It's free, open source, and cross-platform audio software. So, basically, you can record audio and then edit it with audacity, which has a plethora of very powerful tools. So, for example, let's say you want to put together a podcast or even some YouTube videos for me. Audacity is what I use to clean up my audio for my videos. Once you've finished installing Audacity, you'll see an interface similar to this right here, where you can select your audio source or microphone to record from. You could also select your speaker from this menu. I could check the levels, and when I'm ready to record, I'll simply click on this red record icon, which you can see right now. I'm going to start recording once I'm finished. I can stop it by clicking the stop icon, and then play it back to hear how it sounds over. On the right hand side, I have a plethora of tools at my disposal for manipulating the audio.

I could even add more tracks here; for example, if I click on tracks, it will allow me to add another track, allowing me to add an unlimited number of audio tracks.
I also have access to a massive library of different effects. I was able to amplify my voice here. If I want to tighten up my audio even more, I could use a compressor. Maybe I'd like to hear what it sounds like. If I were in a cave, I could use some echo here. I could even remove background noise, and you could use different plug-ins in Audacity. There is an auto-tune plug-in available. So, if you've ever wondered what you'd sound like, or if you wanted to pull off some t-pain, you can, and it sounds like. I know a little bit about it. I've actually made a video on how to use auto-tune in Audacity, which I've included a link to in the description, and just so you know, you'll hear me sing. So, hopefully, that hasn't put you off.

Davinci Resolving
This brings us to the second free software, davinci resolve, which can be downloaded from the official website. So, what is Davinci's solution? So, what exactly is the DaVinci Resolve? It does not have as much functionality. It includes a video editor. You have the ability to colour grade and edit sound. It also allows you to create effects and has a tonne of functionality. In fact, Hollywood film, studios, and television studios use it to put their projects together. Davinci Resolve is a freemium application. I use Davinci Resolve's free tier to organise all of my videos, and it has the majority of the functionality. You've got your standard Davinci resolve. That is the free version; there is also a paid studio version, but the free version should provide you with the majority of what you require. After you finish installing Davinci Resolve, you'll see an interface that looks like this, and once again, Davinci Resolve has a Ton of functionality here, for example, I'm in a media page that allows me to manage all of my various media files here, there's a dedicated cutting view, that also makes it really efficient to cut your various clips here, and there's a dedicated having to cut view, which makes it really efficient to cut your various clips here.

There's also an editing view, where you can begin to piece together your story and use a variety of tools.
It makes it very simple to put your storyline together as well as deliver and communicate your message down here. There is an effects view, also known as the fusion page, where you can use a node layout to create some truly impressive 2d and 3d effects. There's also a colour grading view, which is truly industry leading, and something called fairlight, which allows you to modify the audio of your project once you're finished. On this final page, you can render your project.

At first glance, using davinci resolve may appear to be a little overwhelming. However, in the description below, I've included a link to an introductory video that will. As one disadvantage, it will get you up to speed quickly, and once you start using it, you'll begin to appreciate all of the power that you get with davinci resolve. Davinci resolve necessitates a fairly powerful system, and if your computer is a little older or incapable of running davinci resolve. In the description, I've also included a link to a video that goes over all of the different options for free video editors, some of which can work on any type of system.

obs studio
This brings us to the third piece of free software, which is called obs studio. You can get it from the website obs obsproject.com. So, what are you going to do with obs? You can use it to record your screen, but you can also use it for live streaming on my YouTube channel for my intro, where I appear in front of the camera, and for this screen recording that you're watching. Right now, I'm also using obs for that, which you can install on any platform. When you're finished installing obs, you'll see a screen like this, and yes, I'm using obs to record obs, which is possible within obs. It may appear complicated at first glance, and over here, on the left hand side, you can set up various scenes, and within a scene, you can add different sources. So I have my browser window as one source and my video as another source right here. You can add a variety of different sources to your scene by clicking on the plus icon. You could also use a variety of effects and filters. You could set different audio levels, scene transitions, and when you're ready to record, you could click start recording or stream to any of the most popular services.

Assume you want to go to twitch, facebook, or youtube. All of this is possible with obs. Now, there's a lot of functionality in obs, and I won't be able to cover it all in this video.
Media player vlc
This brings us to the fourth piece of free software, the vlc media player. You can get it from the website listed below. So, what's so great about VLC, and why do I recommend it? The great thing is that you can open almost any type of video file; in fact, I use it whenever I receive a video file. If I try the Windows Media Player, it sometimes doesn't work properly, but if I try VLC, it's almost always guaranteed to open up properly. To download, simply click on this download text. When you finish installing the vlc media player and open a file, you'll see an interface that looks like this, but it's a little more retro. But don't let that fool you. There are a plethora of different capabilities in here, each with its own set of effects. All kinds of different filters, one of my favourites is that I have an ultra wide screen monitor, and a lot of the time, you'll play, say, a dvd, and they'll add the black lines on the top and bottom.

You can crop those out with vlc, or if you have a media file and want to convert the type, you can click over here and then convert from one file type to another file type. So, while it's a media player, it has a lot of functionality that goes above and beyond what you'd expect from a media player.

Libra office

This brings us to the fifth free software, libra office. You can get it at libraoffice.org. So, what exactly is libreoffice? It is, after all, an office productivity suite. There are numerous applications available. That will allow you to be more productive in the Libra office. There are numerous applications available. Here's a libre office writer that you can use to create various documents. There's also calc, a spreadsheet application. You could also use a programme called impress to put together presentations. You have a database application called base, a tool that you can use to write math equations simply called math, and finally, there's another vector drawing application called libra office draw and as an additional treat of draw, you can even open up pdfs any type of Pdfs and edit them using draw so with libreoffice, you get a tonne of value and a bunch of different applications that allow you to be more productive, and that wraps up my favourite top five free software

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